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    Guangzhou zhongjin packing products co., LTD is located in the guangzhou zhuhai stony brook, 38 new road industrial zone, the company was founded in 2009, is a set design, production, processing, sales, service as one of the modern commercial and office paper processing production enterprises.        Has its own printing processing base, equipped with printing presses, laminating machine, window machine, bronzing machine, beer machine, high speed sticky box machine and a series of packaging and printing equipment.        Mainly engaged in carton series (box, special paper box), plastic box series (PVC plastic box, PET plastic box), high-grade hardcover box series, tile pit box series, handbag, flyers, brochures and other printing services. Good quality, delivery guarantee.        In order to enterprise can get steady development, the company also introduced domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and modern enterprise management mode of science. Implementation of general manager responsibility system, strict management, also owns a group of experienced senior technical personnel. To provide clients with professional advice and quality and efficient services, in good faith to make it took off, so to win the majority of customers rely on and support.
Reasonable price From the customer to the factory, first-hand transactions, save intermediate link Price justice, kid sou have no deceit
Advanced technology
Constantly introduce advanced production equipment and at home and abroad Science of modern enterprise management mode
High efficiency faster
Has its own factory and several professional
and technical personnel
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